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TalkPro has announced the launch of India’s first license free Walkie Talkie Radio set.  This new radio is set to revolutionize communication for businesses and individuals. The radio set does not require any permission from any Government agency. There is no recurring annual fee and it can be used anywhere across the country.

The TalkPro LF866 License Free Walkie Talkie works in the range of 2.5 Ks in the frequency range of UHF 865-867 MHz. The unit has compact dimensions of 98X60X34 mm which is more compact than the most mobile phones available in the market. The weight of the unit including battery is 220 gms.

This license free radio is ideally suited for SME’s with multi-location plants, warehouse and the office. Clear, secure and uninterrupted communication is very much required. Mobile phone connectivity in many areas is questionable. However they don’t want to go through the hassles of applying for a license and renewing it every year. 

Another ideal segment of users for LF866 would be services firms like Security Agencies, Event Management companies where requirement for such devices is dependent on the demand from clients.

TalkPro LF866 push-to-talk radio relies on a single or multiple transceivers and operates on frequencies that may not be available to cellular phones.  Hence the conversation on the device is safe and secure.  The uptime required for reliable conversation is very high and it provides instant all India reach.  It works on both the pre-determined radio frequency as well as on the GSM SIM card. The Radio set has been priced at an affordable Rs. 9650 per piece.

Speaking on the launch, Captain Anil Kumar Midha, Managing Director TalkPro said “TalkPro LF866 is set to democratize radio communication in India. Its robust, scalable and virtually zero uptime would please the security agencies, logistics, event management companies and other time-sensitive and mission-critical operations. At Rs. 9650, it offers affordable, secure and reliable communication in areas where conventional cellular services are patchy and unreliable. Further, any business or individual can own this device as it is license free. The market for LF866 radios is virtually unlimited. We have already shipped more than 1,000 devices during the pre-launch phase.”

There are 5 key advantages of LF866 Radio.

  1. Security —Using a LF866 radio system minimizes the risk of secure information concerning shipments and confidential instructions being intercepted by unauthorized users.


  1. Clarity — LF866 radios hold a distinct advantage over cell phones in being a turn-based communication device. Protocol requires both parties to deliver a message clearly and to acknowledge the receipt of a message. Consequently, LF866 radio encourages and improves the clarity of transmission, resulting in fewer misinterpretations.


  1. Uninterrupted Connectivity for Free — LF866 radios offer instant connectivity with the press of a button in the radius of 2.5 Kms anywhere in India. This feature becomes crucial in industrial areas and remote locations where instructions and information must be relayed quickly—such as between the lead car and the cavalcade. There is zero cost of continuous communication between 2 parties.


  1. License free – Last but not the least, LF866 is license free. There is no need for a prior permission from the Government for owning this device.



About TalkPro – TalkPro is the market leader in the retail radio walkie talkie market since 2006. TalkPro is a name synonymous with high quality walkie talkies backed by the strength of service across the country. Today, Talk PRO and its group company, Iconet Wireless Solutions, are the market leaders for walkie talkies, radio equipment and accessories in India. The company has its dealers in 12 states. More information about TalkPro is available on


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