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Dr Ajit Kumar Varma is a Diabetic Foot Surgeon practicing in Kerala, India. He has his expertise in the field of Podiatric Surgery with special interest in diabetic foot, lower limb problems and other diabetic foot treatments.

He is a dedicated Podiatric and Diabetic Foot Surgeon with more than 36 years of rich experience in Podiatric Surgery in Kerala, India. He specialises in management of complex diabetic foot conditions and is recognised as one of the most result oriented diabetic foot surgeon in India. His patients start walking merely from the very next day of their podiatric surgery.


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Department of Podiatric Surgery. Aster Medcity Hospital, Kuttisahib Rd


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Dr.Ajit Kumar Varma

Highly professional and extreme importance to patient care. Managing in extensive necrotizing fasciitis, plantar-space infections, diabetic gangrene of the lower limb, osteomylites, and severely destroyed foot and ankle Charcot. Have devised a novel technique of foot and ankle stabilization, ‘The Amrita Sling Technique.’ and has also devised techniques of using Polymethyl methacrylate, to replace severely destroyed Charcot foot bones. Main objective is lower limb amputation prevention in Diabetic patients. My heartfelt desire is, Service of the poor and needy, with love and compassion, curing the seemingly incurable diseases, and making it possible for them to get back to normal life. This is my life's ambition.Please read my recent article on 'CURING HIGHLY CHALLENGING AILMENTS', in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and my website .

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Dr.Ajit Kumar Var,a

If you know of any person with a seemingly very difficult or an incurable ailment, please do contact me. With the Grace of the Almighty, I would be able to help cure this person.

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Dr Ajit Kumar Varma

  • Published on: 1 March, 2018
  • Location: Kerala
  • Listed In: Podiatrists